26 February 2012

This is something I hope to talk more about later: a town hall of mountain rescue

Actually, will you tell me what you think it means?

addendum: I happened to have these two things come into my life today

Spiritual Mountaintops, Jack H. Goasland, October 1995 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint General Conference

Salvation Mountain is missing its guiding spirit

20 February 2012

How did you celebrate Presidents Day?

(or, Dreams really do come true)

I was Lumberjack George Washington and went around with Daniel Boone and William R. King delivering cookies.

17 February 2012


99% of my conversations are about weather. This is just the way things are when you work outside in North Dakota, particularly in the winter.

The other 1% are with friends who are not here which means they want to hear how my life is going. I don't want to talk about how my life is going. It's not so bad as all that but I don't know anything and I get tired of sharing the current hair brained idea only to recant a couple of months later. There is a very long list of things I don't want to talk about which all happen to be things that are frequently brought up. Although, it is kind of funny when someone asks you about your Valentines plans and after a pause you respond with, "hand out parking tickets and change the light in the garage..."

Mostly I would like to talk about abstract subjects with people, since the things that make me happy these days feel even more difficult to cover in conversation than esoteric intellectual concepts. Please, partake of this excerpt of a hypothetical example conversation:

Someone else: So how is life?
Me: Well, there was a particularly beautiful sun patch on my bedroom wall this afternoon.
Someone else: That's nice.

Ugh, and just writing that example excerpt makes me feel extremely self-centered. I hope I am not and that I continue to show my very real interest in your lives. This is the worst. Because I am living a question mark I am hyper aware of myself. I'm afraid it shows. It obviously shows here as this is a blog. Blogs are the worst. I didn't want to keep writing in this one but the thing is, I do. Partly because I'm still not certain that I would remember how to talk about anything out loud if I didn't practice by publicly publishing some of my thoughts. I am a backwards person. But that's ok, semi-shy backwards people are people, too.

this is it. I quit trying to say anything today. I'm not sure if there is a reason for this. Will someone dress up like a president with me on Monday? (I will probably just wear my regular lumberjack-wannabe wear but maybe with a cottonball wig so I can be Lumberjack Washington?)

14 February 2012

Someday I'll  be making a living and sometimes I think that as soon as that happens, I will buy a plot of land in Montana and build a tiny home. But right now I really want to be lost in Germany. O nicht mich lieber. I'll go to Belgium later for frites.


I can't stop listening to this song (thanks, Nebraska Jones):

Also, recently I can't stop dwelling on the fact that the US has declared war on terrorism and drugs and is now going after companies in other countries for pirating media but has no significant, widely publicized campaign to end human trafficking. This is why I had to quit listening to Democracy Now! It turned into an exercise in masochism.

11 February 2012

I'm used to repeating myself.

I kind of like my voice now. I didn't like my voice when I was little and I would try to call my friend on the phone and her dad would hang up because he couldn't hear me. Or when my 2nd grade teacher told my parents I was the only child she would encourage to yell in class just so she could hear me.

Now, I think it's hilarious. I just answered the phone and the woman asked for my Mom so I handed it over. Then I hear my mom's half of the conversation:

"No, that's my daughter.....Yes, she has a fairly high voice.....She's 24."

06 February 2012

malcom crise malcom

Once, a girl in my class inherited her grandfather's old car. While cleaning it out she found a crumpled grocery list which she saved to show me. It was beautiful.