26 January 2013

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19 January 2013

Run away!

I finally saw Moonrise Kingdom! Who wants to run away with me? I can't do any islands on the east coast but I think Shovel Point, Minnesota would be an ideal location. It's my goal to go there this year. You can fly into Minneapolis, it's much more reasonably priced than flying to Fargo. And I have family there we can stay with before we run away to the northern wilds.

So it's settled then. I'll see you soon!
(Is it ok If I don't wear copious amounts of eye makeup? Ok, good.)

Until then, enjoy this (our bobble-head dog Oedipus Rex):

15 January 2013

Next up: plesiosaur

Outline done thanks to my magical overhead projector. Probably the crowning achievement of my life.... Except for being an aunt. Remember, this is the most stable mammoth ever. And is now the property of my favorite sister.

Look out for more prehistoric animals with the possible addition of India ink dyed fabrics.

13 January 2013

07 January 2013

Sometimes I can't sleep because I can't remember Terry Jones' name

That will not be a problem tonight.

I got an iPhone over Christmas, mostly compelled by the thought of how much better I'll be able to see the pictures my sister texts me of my nephew. Siri has already gotten really sassy with me.

The university I work for is small enough they don't support wifi for our phones. At first I found this ridiculous, but it's started me thinking more about what has been referred to as our entitlement culture. I didn't really think I was a card carrying member of that society but lately I've realized that's just what some of my issues with small town life are.

I get confused every time I go through the produce section of the grocery store. "This is it? Where are the packages of fresh tarragon?"

Shopping local isn't really an option, that's generally the ONLY option. Yesterday my supervisor and I were trying to decide which little shop she could go to for an ice pack. It takes some thinking to sort out inventory when they don't all come in one big box of a market like Walmart or Target.

But it's frequently enjoyable to frequent local establishments. I had to get some high heels repaired last fall and the shoe repair shop is a strangely crowded madhouse where you're bound to run into someone you know. I tried to draw a picture of it.